Monday, October 15, 2007

Girl from the North Country

I have plans to buy this coat for the winter months. It is, as we'd say in Minnesota, "a bit spendy," but it looks beautiful, and with the Thinsulate lining, probably quite warm, and up here, when the North Winds blow, that is invaluable. Also, it may hold up and serve me as long as I remain a size 6. I am already working on a new winter scarf for myself as well, in the following pattern:

Row 1:
P2, *K1, P1, K1, P2
Repeat from *

Row 2:
K3, *P2, K3
Repeat from *

I have a lot to go, with only about a foot of knitting completed, but it's something nice to do when I'm not otherwise engaged with schoolwork, my GA, and working.


elysa said...

that coat is very cute, but I do agree it is a bit spendy - I think that's my new word :D. Being in cold land you can justify spending a bit more on coats than I can here is Texas where it gets cold for about a week.

chaviva said...

I have a scarf I started TWO years ago. It's half done. I think I should finish it ... (via crocheting, it is).