Monday, October 01, 2007

Being tested

I just read this Wiki How article on patience. I am having problems being patient, especially lately.

It seems like all I do is wait for things to happen, and I want them to happen sooner if not now! I know that I am being tested for my impatience by having to wait even longer for things to happen. Ironically, if I began letting go of the things I want to happen sooner rather than later, they would probably actually happen sooner, or at least appear to happen sooner to me, the impatient one.

I need to take some of the advice in the article, and take time outs. Think about nothing. Just sit. I need to get back into doing some yoga in the evenings. I need to stop making so many lists, adding so many budgets, and making plans that aren't actually going into effect in the near future.

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