Monday, April 02, 2007

Working it out

After a bit more hunting and investigating, I think we found a place to stay that will at least be okay, and airline tickets are probably as cheap as they're going to get for our destination, so we went ahead and bought our vacation package yesterday.

The day after my class finishes, we are headed to an as-yet-undisclosed location near the ocean for about a week. Some details are still to be worked out, some favors to be asked (Simon and Eve, this means you!), and some plans yet to be made, but we are definitely going, barring major illness or other unforeseen catastrophe. Whew. Exhausting! But exciting!

S's cousin Nate was there when we booked it, and seemed annoyed that we are going on this trip and he and his soon-to-be wife don't get to go on a honeymoon. I am sorry to say that we know of quite a few couples who have gotten married or are getting married and can't afford honeymoons, and I don't think I should have to justify this, but I have been saving up for almost a year in order to go someplace, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather go with than S.

Also, a wedding is not happening anytime soon, and is not a priority for me, or for S for that matter, therefore I would rather spend my money on a holiday now rather than save for something I don't really care about for later, that might not happen anytime soon.

Live in the moment and all of that. To the coast!

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