Saturday, April 14, 2007

A critical error

I was on my break reading a back-issue of Glamour Magazine, and I found a perfume ad that seemed kind of good. So I rubbed it on my wrists and neck, thinking, "Oh, this will be nice since I have a double date tonight and a party to go to after that!"

Man, am I regretting that choice.

It smells way too flowery for my taste now that it's all over my skin. I tried using a wet-wipe to wipe some of it off, but I can still smell it. Thankfully, my co-worker Jessie, with whom I am going on the double date (with S and Jessie's boyfriend Joe) said she didn't smell anything, so I won't be an offense.

Here's hoping S doesn't notice when we meet up for church this evening.

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