Friday, April 06, 2007

Here it goes again

I finally broke the news to my mom about S's and my trip at the end of this month, and she was astonishingly calm about it.

"Well, I'm glad you get to go on a vacation!" was her response.

When did my parents become so... relaxed?

I think the fact that S has a friend (Alexandra) he met in Alaska who lives near our destination who is excited to play tour guide for us for at least a day or so probably helped. We won't be alone in the city without knowing a soul. Or something.

In case you are reading and wondering where this potentially lovely vacation is taking place, you are not mistaken in thinking I have not mentioned it. For now, it's top secret.

This weekend, there's the usual Easter celebrations happening with my family, but I will be with S and his family. Since both events are happening in town, though, I think I can be in two places in one day. Of course, I am looking forward to the Easter Bunny visit, especially since we have a new bunny rabbit (appropriately named Luna Bean, as she is a little bean of a bunny) as a pet. Inevitably, she will be tucked into a basket with some candy.

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Simon said...

Glad to hear the 'rents are cool with your vacation. I hope you have a great time, and take many cool photos.