Thursday, December 14, 2006

Walking the city's streets

This morning, my parents hollered to me before I left the house for work.

"Don't let Andrea walk from campus to work!!"

I was like, "Huh?"

Apparently, there is some whacko who picked up a girl somewhere downtown and drove her to the cities and back. I haven't read an actual news story on this, so I'm going on what I've heard from others, guessing maybe he took her at gunpoint or somesuch. I thought to myself, if it's no longer safe to walk the city's streets, I am so out of here.

"Don't let her walk!" my parents repeated. "She has a four o'clock final and she might just walk to work."

Why my parents think this is my responsibility, I have no idea. I work until 4:30. I told them they can make sure she doesn't walk... but I didn't mention the fact that sometimes she carries a very large steak knife in her purse.

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