Thursday, December 21, 2006

Blue skies?

So after a pretty weird, bad, stressful Wednesday, I'm hoping today gets better. It could hardly get worse. I called my doctor's office about the large medical bill for tests I didn't need in the first place, but they were unsympathetic. I'm sure they hear it all. I didn't become irrational, but now I know that it is their policy NOT to inform patients how much medical care costs before it is done. Well! Looks like I'll be skipping the formal medicine for a while...

Bible study last night was good. Even though I'll be poor-ish for a while paying off this bill, I don't have chronic pain or cancer and S is by my side and I have family and friends I love, and etc. Perspective. I think helping out at Toys for Tots today will also make me feel less crappy.

I've also given up on the literary reading for a while. I've gone back to Sue Grafton's series, and I think I'm just going to stick with it, at least until I get sick of Kinsey Millhone. Doubtful.

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