Monday, December 04, 2006

Even my toes hurt...

But I am feeling a little better today than yesterday, with what S and I think is the flu. Good old influenza. I've been so achy and nauseated and my throat hurts so very much, and S came down with it before I did, so he's been consoling me, saying, in response to my moaning and whining, "I know, honey, I know. It will get better." He came over yesterday in the evening and brought movies and tea and rubbed my sore legs and generally made the miserable slightly less so.

I don't even know how I made it to class and back on Saturday without dying or causing some sort of accident, I was so out of it in the car and class was kind of a blur to me, though it was shorter than usual and we just had to turn in our take-home exams and give mini oral reports on what we wrote our papers about. I just hope I didn't infect anyone.

My glands are swollen more than I've ever experienced before in my life, and I keep trying to sip fluid (tea, sparkling grape juice, warm orange juice) but it hurts so dang much to swallow.

Now for a good time of laying on the couch watching a movie until S comes over and I can rouse enough energy to maybe even leave the house! Oh, the excitement!

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chaviva said...

ACH! I have the perpetual cold. Though with the public transport and office work ... I'll probably also end up with the flu.

I hope you feel better!!! Eep.