Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Names nobody should give their children

Names I like which I will have to use for characters in stories instead of daughters, since everyone, including potential future husband, finds them utterly ridiculous:


Re: the last one. My own cousin Angie said, "What would you call her?" and I said, in what I thought was a reasonable way, "Lulah..." which elicited much mocking laughter.

S likes family names, whereas I am not into naming kids after anyone in particular, would rather give them their own thing. Maybe I could just invent stories of my great aunt Persephone...

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melanie said...

I think Frances, Mabel and Petunia (perhaps "tuny" for short:) are all cute. I like Tallulah, but I can't say it without singing the Tori Amos song. ANYWAY, thanks so much for the post card! I got it today and it is lovely. I'm thinking I will try to find a frame for it. I, too, am so grateful we randomly met and share a birthday. I'm also grateful for the awesome nickname you gave me! You are wonderful. And if I start leaning towards moving to Minneapolis/St. Paul I will be certain to let you know!