Friday, August 18, 2006

I think I take after my mother...

So my mom is kind of known for being able to find anything for anyone. When my cousin Simon and his girlfriend Eve moved to Minnesota two years ago, she got them stuff for their households, things like vacuums and tupperware and furniture, for discount prices. When my uncle Frank and aunt Laura were looking to move about ten years ago, she noticed a house in the development near ours was up for sale. Wham-boom, they loved it and bought it.

Now that I know of two people looking for employment, I find I am doing a similar thing for them—searching out opportunities and forwarding them. I've found a couple possibilities for S when he gets back, and a couple for my cousin Angie who was in Ecuador. I know their skills and abilities, and I guess I want to help or at least encourage them, these people I love.

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Carl said...

You seem to be a lovely, intelligent, young lady. You’re also a very prolific writer. When could we expect your first novel? And yes, you do sprinkle your commas around in nice places. I, being from a much earlier time than you, am thrilled to find someone under age forty that still knows where the shift key is. Capitalization and commas certainly makes for easier and more enjoyable reading. Drop by sometime.