Friday, September 14, 2007

Who would've thought

Seen today on a truck while I was driving to St. Paul to meet with the professor I am doing my graduate assistantship with:

Rajin & Daughters
Your Business Is Our Blessing!

Last night, S and I stopped at the video store to pick out something to watch after our long, hard week of work and school. I was not particularly into watching a movie, and would have preferred watching one of my mysteries from the library (am currently on Inspector Lynley Mysteries... ooh, so good) since they are about an hour and a half long and perfect for my lazy/tired attention span.

So I was there, and I was looking at the new releases, about five feet ahead of wherever S was, and he would point things out to me, like "Fracture," and I would have to back up to look at it with him. I was preparing myself to watch some suspense/action/drama/thriller combination that would appeal to a guy like S. I figured my pick, "Music & Lyrics" would go over like a bag of bricks. In in defense, S did say he would watch it with me this weekend, just not right away. Good man.

So we're still wandering, and it's been a good solid fifteen minutes of hunting for something, and finally I just say, "What are you in the mood for? Because I would watch 'Fracture' or whatever, I'm just tired and want to go home." And S surprises me and says, "Comedy." I was like, "Then 'Music & Lyrics' could be perfect..." but that clearly isn't happening, since it's S's pick. He pulls out a few more titles that look good to him, but puts them away, and finally we walk back to the other side of the store. Which is when S picks up "Happy Feet."

"'Happy Feet'!?!" I cry in disbelief.

"Yeah, this is what I want to watch," S says, in all seriousness.

"I think I'd rather watch 'The Incredibles' again," I say.

"But this is a musical," S replies.

"Oh, boy, you're really talking it up here," I say sarcastically.

"Well, I want to watch it!"

"I was all prepared to watch some suspense action thing thing for guys, and you pick up 'Happy Feet'!?"

The man standing nearby snorted out a laugh.

I caved, rented the two movies we wanted, and then we went home and put "Happy Feet" in. It's not too bad, really, though the music is kind of strange pop songs. We paused it half way since we were both tired. So tomorrow I can look forward to finishing the movie musical about penguins with my boyfriend.

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