Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Quite contrary

Since we got back from our California vacation, I've felt a lot better about life in general. Going to work is easier and taking another summer class is a little less daunting. I am excited for my new work schedule to begin as well, and looking forward to the Winnipeg Folk Fest in July gives me an end goal.

I think S and I are both suffering from spring allergies/jet lag in the same way. We've goth stayed up very late a few nights in a row and slept most of Sunday away after going to his cousin's wedding on Saturday night. It took me quite a while to fully unpack, and we're still working on compiling our stories into our travel journal.

I am trying to be on my best girlfriend behavior lately, but it's backfiring in a big way. Being with S for an entire week was great, and we kept it together really, really well, which most people say is a good indication that this relationship is built to last, but of course, I am a worrier. I could worry professionally, and S has an elaborate backstory wherein I actually do make money with my anxiety, working for the Department of Worry. I need to trust S, believe in him and believe what he says, and I need to trust God above all things.

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