Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Increased dependency on foreign oil

The last two trips to the cities I've made have involved terrible traffic, a missed a college friend's wedding, more than two hours in the car one way, and being able to read four pages of an article for class while driving less than 5mph.

I really don't like driving this much when gas is at the prices that it is, and when anyone complains to me that gas prices are high and all they do is drive to work each work, I want to remind them that during the Reagan administration, gas prices were even higher than this, relative to the value of the dollar, and that I drive to freaking St. Paul twice a week to go to class for a whole three hours.

Anyway, clearly I'm venting. I like the cities, I really do, and one of the goals of going to school is to be able to move someplace else, perhaps the cities or elsewhere. It's just kind of hard, going back and forth, living at home, working not enough hours to support myself independently, and feeling productive.

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