Monday, October 23, 2006

Sawat Dee means hello

Yesterday, my cousin Angie called while S and I were hanging out, talking to my sister Andrea. Angie is essentially living S's old life—she's studying Japanese, wants to go to Japan, and two weeks ago got a job where he used to work. I really wanted them to re-meet and talk. We decided to all hang out and go out for dinner. Andrea's and my typical Sunday craving involves Sawat Dee (Thai food) and S and Angie agreed.

Andrea and I ordered our cheese puffs, which I know how to make, but it's so labor intensive, I'd almost rather just order six like this and inhale them. Angie and S talked about Japan, the language and S gifted Angie with a couple of his souvenirs that he was trying to pare down. He figured his old bank book might be interesting or useful practice for Angie's Japanese class.

I think we all had a good time. After figuring out our weird check, we came back to the house and, while Andrea got ready to go hang out at St. John's, Angie, S and I played Fluxx. S loves playing games, and my extended family is all into games, so this is an added bonus of us dating. I hope we can hang out with Angie again soon, since I really did miss seeing her and I want people to get to know S and how great he is.


melanie said...

Fluxx is awesome!

That is all. :)

chaviva said...

Oh Man! He looks like a true mountain man! Like Adrian Brody in the Pianist at the end when he's all long-haired. I think that was the movie he got all bearded in ... hrm ..

Simon said...

To chaviva...nice call on The Pianist! I *knew* I had seen S's look somewhere before...

I've also never played Fluxx but would love to give it a try. Do you own it, Beth? If so, we should play the next time we're up there or you're down here. :)