Wednesday, April 02, 2008

PLA: nerdy fun

Last week I had the excellent opportunity to attend the Public Libraries Association conference in Minneapolis. My cousin Simon and his wife Eve were gracious and let me stay over at their place in St. Paul, which saved me considerable drive time for three days while I learned about all kinds of library-related things.

I saw a lot of people I knew, both from my job and from school, and it was nice to see so many friendly librarian faces. I attended a preconference session on management, sessions on readers advisory services for young adults, gaming in libraries, weeding, how to handle upset patrons, a session on dealing with work stress, and got to see lots of cool vendors booths. One of the best parts was when my coworker and I were on the convention floor and we happened to be by the booth for the company who is putting together our library's automated materials handling system (AMHS). We got to see the set up, how it checks in books automatically, how it sorts items into bins, and so forth.

The library fun continues today with a tour of the new library building. People in my department have yet to see what our new building looks like inside, and so today, I get to see. I have plans to take photos, so I will definitely post some of the best of those later.


Myra - twigs & honey said...

Hey Sweet Beth!

Thank you for the follow up! I checked out your photograher's work... can I say FABULOUS?! I love the color and style. It has this retro quality to it, but with all the great modern touches... When I say retro, I mean the good kind of retro! ha! I can't wait to see photos, and seeing his work just makes me more impatient and excited! Some of my pieces I've been told have an old world/vintage feel and I think it would look fabulous in that style of photography! By the way... You are darling!! Cute as a button. Thank you! -Myra

Jenny said...

I was in town the other day and drove by the new library. Holy Crap! It is going to be huge! I can't wait to see some pictures after your tour.