Sunday, April 27, 2008

Best fiancé ever?

Today is my birthday, and S and I started the celebrating last night by going out to have some sushi. It was delicious as usual. We had the local sushi place's super yummy house salad, miso soup, and California roll tempura style and something called 'monster roll' which had a lot of things in it. It was right at the beginning of eating that S said to me, "Why did you bring your bag in?" and I said, "Well, ah, there's stuff in it I might need..." and he said, "Like what?" and I replied, "I guess my wallet, and my makeup things, and some lotion," and he asked, "What else?" I opened up the bag and looked in it, and what did I spy but the "Enchanted" soundtrack. S had snuck it into my bag as a pre-birthday surprise. Aww. I was really happy about it, because I wanted to buy the CD last week but figured I could wait on it, which paid off. Nice! We finished dinner, came back to my house, and later watched an episode of "Poirot" before crashing.

This morning was nice and somewhat lazy, eating breakfast and drinking coffee. My parents and S and I went out for lunch at a mexican place where they will serve a free birthday meal and fried ice cream on your special day. I started the meal with a pina colada, and just in the middle of telling a story, I looked down at my purse next to me, voila:

Except in its box. I looked at it for a second, not realizing what it was, and then went, "An iPod? For me!?" Upon closer inspection, it's a 160GB! I think this may mean that S is the best fiancé ever. I'm a very happy woman.


chaviva said...


Can we clone S? Please?

Beth said...

I have often thought the same thing. :)

Simon said...

Wow...I'm out of it for a little know how it goes.

Congratulations on the iPod and MacBook! And on the best fiancé ever, too. He's a good catch, and you two are very blessed to have each other.

melanie said...
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melanie said...

Beth, I got an iPod for my birthday, too! Granted it's only an 80 and I bought it myself and then my parents gave me money for it but ... I'd say we really are birthday twins :).
Your birthday sounds like it was fabulous! Certainly well deserved!