Thursday, January 10, 2008

A positive outlook

Unfortunately, the dermatologist said the bumps on my hands were, and I quote, "the worst I've ever seen on the tops of the fingers," but fortunately, it seemed like they think they are pompholyx and they gave me a shot (of what, I didn't ask, I was in such agony; I assume cortisone of some sort to decrease the inflammation) and a prescription for some lotion and scheduled me for a follow-up in two weeks.

S and I went to the pharmacy immediately to pick up the Rx before leaving for my first class in St. Paul last night. The pharmacist informed me the prescription would cost me over $200 (!) because I have minimal health coverage right now. She was very helpful and said the same drug in other formulations would work just as well, and offered to call my dermatologist to see if they would substitute something less expensive. I said yes, but I had to leave for class, so the plan was that she would call me if that would be all right with my doctor and fill the prescription, which I could pick up the next day. She said, "Honestly, I would never pay this much for a prescription." I agreed it was ridiculous and that I would rather save the money if I could. I walked away from the pharmacy, went to buy a soda for the drive, and as I was headed toward the exit, my cell phone rang. It was the pharmacist saying she talked with the doctor and he OK'ed the change. She said she would have the Rx ready in about five minutes, was I still in the vicinity? I said yes, doubled back, got the $30 version of what was originally prescribed, and left very happy. I thanked the pharmacist so many times, and her reply was, "I hate seeing people spend more money than they need to."

The bumps were looking better (S agreed) after I got out of class, and are looking even better today. They also don't bother me nearly as much. Still ugly, but not itchy constantly, nor even painful (the ones on my fingers really hurt on Tuesday). So, I'm optimistic that in two weeks, they will be entirely healed.

The doctor also asked if I was under any stress. I said, "Well..." and gave him a pretty honest answer I can't really write here. One of the things I need to do is learn to let go of past hurts, and just move forward knowing that everything is as it should be. S helped remind me of this today, and I feel more positive about the future. In order to prevent the awful pompholyx from coming back, I'm going to really need to watch my stress levels and know when I need a break from everything. Not such a bad thing to be forced to do for my health and happiness.

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