Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's baaa-aaack

So, back in August, I had a bout with a weird rash. Well, about five days ago, it came back, little by little. I have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow afternoon, and I hope they can tell me what it is. My GP had no idea last summer. The steroid cream prescribed back then, as far as I can tell, has done nothing so far. It was so intensely itchy and hurting on my hands today that I had to leave work early. If the rash is what I think it is (a type of eczema) then I need to relax, because articles I've read on it have suggested that it can go away for long periods of time and reoccur after a large amount of stress. Go figure. Beth needs to relax.

After leaving work, I did some retail therapy, bought some Burt's Bees soothing ointment, a sushi kit, and some new shirts at Old Navy. Miraculously, the distraction helped. S came over this evening and we made sushi, and I must say, while it did not look quite like what you get in restaurants, it was mighty tasty. We made California roll with mock crab, cream cheese, toasted sesame seeds, carrot and cucumber. I think we may experiment with ingredients in the future, but we agreed that it was excellent for a first try. Plus, the instant miso soup I bought was better than any we've had before. Yay for World Market.

S asked me a few days ago what my New Years resolution was. He said, "It doesn't have to be a big thing, just something little." I finally told him that my resolution is, and always has been, to worry less. It's such a general thing, though, that I narrowed it to: I resolve to look for, if not the best outcome for a situation, an okay one, instead of the worst possible scenario.

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chaviva said...

Ach! I hope it isn't eczema. Even the now-and-then eczema, although a gal I had lunch with today has eczema that comes and goes and only started up several years ago and it's on her hands and it's really red and sore. My eczema has been consistent since 7th grade and is absolutely miserable. I figure I'll be able to wear shorts again when I'm 70 :)

Get well!