Friday, January 18, 2008

A good surprise

It's so cold outside that the beer in my garage was frozen solid. I had to soak the bottle in hot water before I could drink it, like warming a baby's bottle.

Writing of babies, my co-worker D's baby shower is tomorrow evening, and have we got a surprise for her! There's no risk of her reading this, as she is not technologically interested, so I can reveal that at the bottom of her goodie bag of little socks and hats and a frog blankie (D loves frogs, and so will her baby girl) is a gift receipt, mainly for effect because I don't want to have to drag our very large gift into the restaurant tomorrow night. I circled what the item is, so after she digs out the little clothes, I can say, "Now, there is a gift receipt for the larger item we got for you, just in case... but it's in the bottom of the bag."

Then, when she pulls it out, she can see that we did indeed get her the carseat/stroller combination travel system that she's been wanting. I'm so excited to see the look on her face, I have to remember to bring my parents' camera and take a short video of that moment. Ahh, yeah, surprises are fun!

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