Friday, August 29, 2008

John McCain seals his fate?

I don't normally write about politics in the typical way, but being a librarian wannabe and a city/county employee, I am definitely aware of the climate of the times.

Right now, I'm at my parents house, attempting to get a jump on homework for my YA class, and my father just got home. My mom's first question to him was, "Hey, did you hear about John McCain's VP pick?" and my dad said, "Uhh, yeah, Palin," and my mom started talking about it, and all of a sudden, my dad announces, "John McCain sealed his fate with that choice!"

I kind of wonder. Yeah, it's cool that she's young and has run the state of Alaska, but on the political spectrum of Pretty Much Everything People Care About, expecting people who wanted Hillary in the White House to vote for a McCain/Palin ticket? Uhh, I'm not seeing it. Sometimes I think people vote for who they think "deserves" it most, but I like to think that most pick someone who represents their values, and Clinton and Palin are worlds apart.

Just heard the factoid that more people watched Obama's speech last night than watched the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics. Hmm...

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tryder said...

I watched Obama but not the Olys... prefer my partisan political theatre to be of the domestic, small-d democratic variety.