Friday, August 24, 2007

Sesame oil is good

S and I have kind of gotten into cooking together, mainly because we are becoming cheap (don't want to eat out) and lazy (don't want to go out to find food). Thus, I grab a lot of cookbooks from the library, or we just end up throwing yummy ingredients together and see what happens. This week, while my parents were gone, we made a rice/shrimp concoction with hoisin sauce that was quite good. Then, at the library later in the week, I saw Bruce Cost's "Big Bowl Noodles and Rice" and decided it looked like our kind of thing. I was right!

This is the shrimp fried rice recipe from the book, with some modifications because we had half the called-for bean sprouts (I added mushrooms instead) and no bean pods or shallots (onions and peas instead). It was mighty tasty, and really pretty easy. S manned the stove and I threw in the ingredients. It was a rather quick process, too, once the rice was cooked. We both really want a rice cooker someday, and I can see us getting into the habit of making a few cups of rice each week to have on hand for such impromptu dishes as this.

S enjoying the meal. We had some sauce left over from Leeann Chin (really good, quick Chinese take away with home base operations here in Minnesota) and I put some duck sauce on mine (top photo). Yum! I'm making myself hungry just looking at it again.


Simon said...

Sounds delicious, Beth. Good luck with the rice cooker, too. I hope you do possess one someday, and use it to cook lots of delicious rice. I've had my share of instant or minute rice, and the real thing it much tastier.

chaviva said...

I had a rice cooker, but left in D.C. because the car was just too full when I moved to Chicago. I really regret it, because I love all things rice. Rice pudding. Fried Rice. A simple rice with fruit, with a little milk. I miss rice!

Anyhow ... this looks delish (sans the shrimp, of course, heh). Ian does all my cooking ... but I'm baking him a cake today!