Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not through listening to 'emo' music

Using at work on break because my iPod's battery is dead. It's pretty slick. I don't really use the radio stations at home because I have my whole iTunes library at my fingertips, but it's great to have access to this wherever I am connected to the internet. Right now, I'm listening to Saves the Day's Similar Artist radio, and it's playing me a track from "Through Being Cool," which was one of my favorite albums in college. Rock on!

I think it may be time to get a new iPod battery for Greenie, my green iPod mini which was a gift from my cousin Simon and his wife. When she ordered a new Apple laptop a couple years ago, she got it for free and they offered it to me. I helped a bit in their engagement/wedding plans, so it wasn't just for being an awesome cousin. Heh. Or maybe I should just buy a new nano or something. S uses my 60GB 4th generation iPod all the time but that means that it's basically his iPod and I don't use an iPod all that much anymore because I'm either a) working, b) driving, or c) at home.

Look at me, becoming all adult. Oh, except for the 'emo' music.


Wamsell said...

So I'm looking through the list of thousands of people who work in libraries and/or museums and who should I happen upon but Beth! Beth from BN Beth! Beth from St Cloud Beth! Beth! Yeah, so it's Heather G from BN although now I'm an HCL employee. Great blog, you should check out the one I just started with my fiance, it's about stuff we cook. And really, I don't think we should ever be through with listening to emo. :)

Simon said...

Wow, Wamsell's comment brought a nice warm smile to my usually otherwise smiling face. :) Ain't the internet cool?

Glad you're enjoying the iDude, Beth. And than you for letting me borrow your trusty 2nd Gen. I use it every single day on the way to work and back, and it keeps us awake on trips to Lincoln too.