Tuesday, July 31, 2007

On future librarianship

Today does not feel like a Tuesday at work. It's so busy and crazy that it's more like a Monday after being closed on Saturday or something. I've helped scads of people but haven't made any new cards, which is strange. Summer is really boom time for new cards, at least at the library where I work.

I love getting little kids their first cards, they're pretty much always jazzed to be able to get as many books as they want. I think this means I would probably much prefer being a Children's Services Librarian than an Adult Services Librarian, since the hustle and bustle makes my days go fast, and is far preferable to answering reference questions.

Also, in reading Harry Potter, I've come to realize that it's pretty fun to make a story come alive by reading it aloud. Doing some voices has been cool, too.


Simon said...

I know what you mean about reading out loud, dude. I read to my kids at school sometimes, even though they are in 7th grade, and they really seem to enjoy it, mostly because I get into it and do voices and actions.

Thanks for the tip on the "Radio Lab" podcast, by the way. I listened to the episode on Morality today, and another one on Time as well. It's supremely interesting, even though it's too secular for my usual taste. But I can dig it, and am eagerly awaiting more episodes.

jessrings said...

I'm reading the new harry potter while I'm on vaca in minn next week. Oh yeah!! I'm stoked. I'll be at my bro's new house if you want to stop by !!! =).