Sunday, July 20, 2008

Foray into real furniture

S and I started off the day with a trip to a local discount store, along with my mom, to look at some bookshelves similar to the Ikea Expedit that we liked. We wound up looking at microfiber couches, and after we decided we liked one enough to buy it (in our price range of 'as close to zero dollars as possible') my mom informed me that she could just buy it and it could be "part of" our wedding present from my parents.


So, she paid for it, and we'll go pick it up sometime this week. How excited am I to sit on a real, padded surface instead of our Japanese Zen style cushions or hard dining room chairs? Words cannot describe.

After dropping S off at work for a hard afternoon/evening worth of raising money for various political groups, I hit the road with my friend Amanda for a lovely shopping-filled afternoon. We headed southeast for an afternoon of shopping at Ikea. The bookshelf at the local store wasn't quite the versatile statement piece (see #1) we were going for, so I bit the bullet and bought the real deal. S is assembling as I type, and I'm enjoying sitting on a chair cushion which only set us back $5.99.

I also acquired two more dining room chairs, so now we can have a proper game night, and many textiles and some lighting. I bought some art as well—some Carl Larsson cards and box frames to put them in. I actually am part Swedish, and they are very cheery little pictures for our kitchen. I promise some photos of our fully furnished and decorated apartment are coming soon!

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