Monday, June 23, 2008

Fingers crossed

Well, tonight at midnight is the deadline for my final project for this summer's course. There are a few assignments and a test left, but this is the major assignment:

The Final Website!

So, that's the link, and I feel like it really is some of my best work. I actually understand XHTML and CSS now, which is incredible and surprisingly fun. I really got a kick out of making things look how I wanted them to look using simple commands.

I really, really hope I get an "A" on this.

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goodness gracious! said...

great site! the pictures are awesome and you both are adorable! the venue looks lovely too. david and i need to do something like this, tho we're not getting hitched til summer 2009. he's from MN and i'm from IL so we may do a small family thing in southern wisconsin or chicago or saint paul. trying to plan a larger event in NYC is just not feasable for 2 grad students.

i love the midwest!