Friday, February 08, 2008

One thing down, and I don't even want to think about the rest

So, I'm pretty sure that this dress is the dress I'm going to wear to marry S. It's the J.Crew Goddess Long dress, and it's currently on final sale. Yipee for a wedding dress on the cheap! It fits me quite well, and S's aunt is an incredible seamstress, so she can help me tweak it (omg, I need a bustle?).

The only bummer is how weird my sister is acting since I got engaged. I guess I expected some strangeness, but not this much, you know? I was showing her the dress tonight, and she asked, "Is it a wedding dress? I know you're going to get married in it, but is it a wedding dress?" I just said, "Yeah, it is, it's got a train..." and she flipped and said she was just asking, because some people get married in dresses that aren't labeled as such, and blah blah. I just wanted to say, dude, it's fine, drop the drama. I think she just wants to roll her eyes at me constantly, but what are you going to do with more than six years of age between us.

I guess weddings bring out the best and worst in people, so wish me luck!


chaviva said...

It is simple and beautiful! Nice choice :)

And good luck with the sis ... oy!

Jenny said...

Beautiful dress. And for the spendthrift in us all, it is elegant enough to be your wedding dress, yet not so over the top that you may have the opportunity to wear it again. Does that sound weird?

melanie said...

Beth, that dress is gorgeous!

ckjolly said...

lol ... i THOUGHT that was a J. Crew dress ... mine was