Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A blurb of an entry

Two things I'm loving lately:

1) Web usability expert Steve Krug's book, "Don't Make Me Think." Brilliant. I read it for a library work-related team meeting today in a few hours. It's really about how people think, use the web, and process that information. Excellent, succinct, laugh-out-loud funny, great for anyone who deals with information (library workers!!).

2) I ruined the catalog by getting food on it, so I ordered another from the website, because the Garnet Hill stuff looks great. I'm thinking CASHMERE! I'm thinking KNITS! I'm thinking I would never leave the house if I had that cashmere robe. Why bother when you can be wrapped in cashmere?

Getting up kind of early tomorrow to bring S's great aunt to the local airport (snowbird flying south) and then get some reasearch done for the ol' grad class. I'm hoping to harness the perceptive powers of my boyfriend's brain to aide in coming up with a paper topic on the Library of Congress Subject Headings. Oh, LCSH, we'll have you in our clutches yet.

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Simon said...

This has nothing to do with the book you mentioned, but you should check out Inquisitor. If you use Safari, that is. It's, like, totally changed my attitude about searching. Google is far too slow for those of us who are enlightened by Inquisitor.

It's basically web searching if the internet has "Spotlight" like Mac OSX 10.4.

oh, and speaking of knitting, you should check out the blog of the wife of one of my wife's grad school cohorts: